The Gusto of a Young Iggy Pop

Jane Graham of "The Big Issue" writes: 

Don’t be put off by the kerr-azy veneer of Srdja Popovic’s Blueprint for Revolution, with its front cover blether about using rice pudding and Lego men to trigger non-violent revolution in a location of your choice. Yes, those tales are inside (less silly and headline-grabbingly gimmicky than they sound), but this is a worthwhile, funny, heartfelt and thought-provoking book.

It’s about the Serb’s journey from ‘too-cool-to-care Belgrade rock kid’ to consultant agitator, his involvement in the Milosevic-toppling Otpor! movement having given him the reputation and know-how to attract advice-seeking activists from around the world.

The hip talk about revolutionary movements using Monty Python-style humour, Coke-style branding and rock star cool while attempting to overthrow oppressive regimes isn’t a contrivance. Popovic believes those assets are necessary to recruit and inspire young people – such as those at the heart of the Arab Spring – who have long lived in an atmosphere of fatigued fear.

He’s particularly good on the shortcomings of Occupy protesters and their lack of positive aspirations. His energised prose is sometimes convincing, always likeable and has the gusto of a young Iggy Pop.

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